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Letter: Politics, education intertwined

April 12, 2007

I read with amusement the fact that some people are concerned that No Child Left Behind is "combining schools and politics." (Moore hosts No Child Left Behind forum, April 6).

Schools are funded by taxes levied by politicians. They have curriculum standards laid down by politicians. Tax money raised to provide for education is funneled to specific school districts. Those districts, in turn, are governed by people who get into their offices through elections.

Long before No Child Left Behind came along, politics and education have been intertwined.

I agree that politics and education are too tightly linked. As the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy argued last year, the role of politics can be lessened by adopting a consumer-driven approach to education that uses vouchers, tax credits and other measures to weaken the role of bureaucratic, political solutions and enhance the role for competition and voluntary choices in education.

John R. LaPlante

Education policy fellow

Flints Hills Center for Public Policy

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