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Thursday night party

De Soto was near perfect in week one and now looks to take its act on the road

September 7, 2006

Even De Soto coach Brad Scott was quick to admit it. As fabulous as his football team played in its season opening 60-19 route of Ottawa, that monstrous score came thanks to at least a little bit of luck.

The Cats converted a flurry of Cyclone mistakes into points, time and time again striking with big plays and prying the ball loose for another quick offensive drive with a big hit. It quickly added up to too much and the Ottawa players looked like they were ready to get back on the bus at the end of the first quarter.

A great way to open the season, Scott said, but it wasn't the kind of bounces a team can expect week after week -- certainly not the kind of bounces De Soto is expecting at 7 p.m. Thursday as it visits Kansas City Sumner.

"They've got some athletes. They've got some skill kids. They throw the ball all over the place and they're athletic on defense," Scott said. "We have our work cut out for us."

Like De Soto, Sumner had little trouble in the first week of the season, beating Van Horn 49-19 Thursday night.

Sumner actually trailed early in the first half, but scored the last five touchdowns of the game, piling up 21 points in the second quarter and 14 in the third to put the game away.

It doesn't take much to figure out whom the Cats will have to watch out for, either. Sumner quarterback Terry Thomas threw six touchdown passes, including four to Bryan Moten.

Thomas, a junior, also threw two touchdowns to receiver Logan Hyrne.

"I know they scored 49 points and I know they chuck it all over the place," Scott said. "It'll be an exciting ballgame. They like to throw it and they're in an athletic conference. They're a big 5A school and they're used to playing that kind of competition."

It shouldn't amount at all to the same kind of game De Soto enjoyed against Ottawa, and not just because Sumner might not consistently turn it over.

Scott said Ottawa is not 41 points worse than De Soto, and had the Cats suffered a few of the early miscues that cost the Cyclones, the score could have been reversed. The goal then becomes making sure De Soto doesn't suffer a similar fate against Sumner, a team that can score as quickly against De Soto as De Soto did against Ottawa.

The Cats didn't turn the ball over at all against Ottawa and quarterback Jake Morse was red hot throwing it. The Cyclone line batted down a few balls, but Morse kept the ball safe and kept his passes where he wanted them for the most part.

"He had a great night," Scott said. "It may be his coming out party. I was excited with him delivering the football, the different throws he made, the different spots and the play action stuff, which he was not very good at last year. We're excited about where he is right now."

Morse's accuracy will likely again factor directly into De Soto's plans. He was 12-of-15 against Ottawa and found four different receivers. Erik Hill and Shane Miller both had big nights scoring the ball, but Tyler Farmer scored as well and Austin DeGraeve caught two passes also.

Scott said any one of the group could be inline for a big game against Sumner, that therein lies De Soto's best chance to win.

"What we like about that is we're forcing a team to defend all of us," Scott said. "You play a lot of teams that play one guy, maybe two, that can really hurt you. You're going to scheme around those two guys, kind of like Ottawa. We've been down that road so many years since I've been here.

"This year we can get the ball to a lot of different people."

The game will take place at KC Harmon's field. Harmon is located at 2400 Steele Rd, Kansas City, Kan.

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