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Mail call: Brown qualified

October 19, 2006

As a retired building contractor, I now have ample time to research the records and background of candidates running for office in our local area.

Upon review of State Representative Anthony Brown, I read the modest description of himself that omitted many of his qualities that are necessary for informed voters to select the best possible candidate regardless of party affiliation.

I have never met Mr. Brown, nor ever have seen his face, however, he patiently answered each telephone question that I asked, and directed me to additional research via telephone numbers and the Internet.

Upon discovery, I have found that his youth was spent working on the family farm, and following his father's influence as a skilled carpenter. Adding to these work ethics, a six-year stint in the Marine Corps, and serving in the Gulf War provided the steel in this young man's character.

He graduated from Emporia State University in 1992 and was later employed as a school teacher in social studies. He also coached football, wrestling and track. Anthony is currently serving as our State Representative, 38th District. His voting attendance record shows a perfect 100 percent. (961 for 961 votes)

Family values you ask? His father was the sole provider for his mother and seven children as Anthony is now married with six children.

We are not fortunate enough to have him as a son, however we can have him as our representative.

Bob Hamlett


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