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Community responds to one of its own

October 19, 2006

About six weeks ago the family of Alan and Robin Stone reached out for community support to help with their 20-year-old daughter Libby Stone's needed liver transplant. Libby, who has been coping with maple syrup urine disease since birth, is on a list to receive a new liver from a Pittsburgh, Pa., hospital.

The family has expenses associated with the expensive formula Libby must take to acquire essential nutrients, and faces a sizeable co-payment for the transplant and subsequent hospital recovery. They also need $10,000 to charter a jet to get Libby and her mother to Pittsburgh, Pa., within six hours of being told a liver is available.

The response of the De Soto community has been impressive. Aside from those who donated directly to the Liver for Libby trust fund established at De Soto's First Community Bank, the local Sonic and Pizza Hut have had special nights at which proceeds are donated to Libby's fund, the De Soto High School Band will collect money for Libby during its annual Halloween Haunted Carnival Oct. 27 at the Community Center, and the next day the money raised at the De Soto Rotary Club's yearly chili challenge cook-off will be donated to the fund.

De Soto has rallied to the needs of one of its own in the past. It is a pleasing reality of small communities that generosity can have a human face and that acts of caring can improve the lives of friends, classmates and neighbors.

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