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Revitalization plan needed

November 22, 2006

I am not a De Soto native. I have only lived and worked here for eight years. I have lived in other small towns. This is the small town I wished I had been born in. The family values and genuine goodness of the people of De Soto are without equal in any place I have lived in North America.

This is why I am concerned about the future of De Soto.

I see the waves of development headed our way. There are three waves: one from the east, one from the west and the tsunami from the south. At last Thursday's De Soto City Council meeting, Marty Shukert of RDG presented suggestions and solutions to handle this growth. I have been following RDG's designs with keen interest as a homeowner and worker in De Soto.

I believe some one or some thing with a vision and an eye on the legacy and future of De Soto has to step up.

Development will happen by us or by some outside force.

The probability is no one will like what the outside force does. The certainty is the outside force will accept no input from us.

There are people in this city who can make some form of RDG's plans happen. Although they will have to work together, they can debate but they must move forward to prevent the death of a wonderful small town.

I ask the city council, landowners, developers and citizens to work together to make a vision of downtown the reality of a great town called De Soto,ansas.

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