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Mail Call: Boundary motives questioned

November 22, 2006

The De Soto school district schools and teachers are doing a fantastic job. The district's funding and spending habits should be overhauled.

It appears the De Soto school district has a pattern of changing the school boundaries to move more of the children to the new school than necessary. Some subdivisions have been moved several times with those children going to three different elementary schools without moving their residence.

The school district wants to do it again, changing students who are able to walk to elementary or middle school to being bussed to the new schools even though there is room in the neighborhood school.

I discovered that during the first two years of a newly opened school, the state pays the district more money per student for students at a new school than students at an established school. Additional students at the new school results in more money given to the school district.

Is it possible that is why they move more children to the new school the first two years?

The new schools are in areas that the population is growing. In a few years they will fill without transporting the children out of their existing neighborhood schools. Should they be moved to get the money, or should they allow the children to remain in the schools near their home?

What is best for the children? I believe, as does De Soto school board member Randy Johnson, the district has a pattern of wasting the money it has and it just wants more and more.

Your child may not be moved this year, but they may in the near future. Is it "for the children" or "for the money?"

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