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House race determined by three votes

November 22, 2006

Gene Rardin, a Democrat from Overland Park, was declared the winner of the close -- very close -- race in the 16th District to the Kansas House of Representatives in a recount of ballots by the Johnson County Election Office.

The certified margin of victory was slightly less in the recount -- only three votes.

Following the recount of election results from voters in the 16th District, Johnson County Election Commissioner Brian Newby advised the Johnson County Board of Canvassers at a special meeting Friday that Rardin received 4,131 votes and his Republican challenger Dennis Kriegshauser, also from Overland Park, finished with 4,128 votes.

The completed recount results were approved Friday morning by the Board of Canvassers by unanimous vote.

The latest recount began Nov. 15 and tallied all election results from 116 electronic voting machines, 1,186 advance paper ballots, and 128 provisional paper ballots cast by voters in the 16th District, which includes parts of Overland Park and Lenexa, was ordered Nov. 15 by the Board of Canvassers. The authorization occurred 48 hours after the Board had certified the official results of the November General Election on Monday with the counting of all provisional ballots at that time.

The unofficial results, however, from Election Day, without the counting of provisional ballots, had Kriegshauser in the lead with 4,080 votes, edging out Rardin by 27 votes with 4,053. When the provisionary ballots were counted and added Nov. 13, the official results at that time found Rardin with 4,132 votes, compared to 4,128 votes for Kriegshauser. On Nov. 14, Kriegshauser requested the recount with the Johnson County Election Office.

Newby estimated the cost of the recount at approximately $3,500. The cost will be paid by the State of Kansas since the margin of victory was less than one-half of 1 percent.

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