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Front Row Video finds home in former Couch Potato store

November 22, 2006

Some fathers give their children college educations, cars or homes. Tim Stephen's immediate gift to his children is a bit different.

The Tonganoxie father of three wants to set up his children in video stores.

"I've got three already," he said. "I would like to have two for each child. That's my plan."

Stephen recently purchased De Soto's Couch Potato Video in Lexington Plaza for his son, Kyle. The father said the purchase was a happy accident because he came to the closed store to purchase racks for a store he planned to open in Basehor.

When he found the store's inventory was available, Stephen decided to buy and reopen a Front Row Video in the same location.

"Everything worked out real well," he said. "It looks like this will be the first store to pen.

"I looked at the books. Everything looks good."

The recently opened JT's Sports Bar two doors away gives his store plenty of traffic, Stephen said.

The store will have the same hours as those of Couch Potato, Stephen said. It will have games and DVDs as its predecessor, but one thing will change.

"I'm selling all the old video tapes for $1," he said. "I want to make room for more DVDs."

Stephen said he had an agreement with a distributor, which will allow him to get more newly released DVDs for his customers.

He loves movies, Stephen said. Before he became too busy with his auto conditioning business he regularly watched a newest video at home on the day of its release, he said. He has tried and found computer downloading for cable options wanting, he said.

Stephen said he was confident others share his preference for DVDs, at least for the foreseeable future.

"I think we have another five years," he said. "At that time, we'll do something else if we have to."

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