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Mail Call: The home field advantage

November 2, 2006

The voters of USD 232 are once again asked to vote yes Nov. 7 for a school bond. Why? Has the district simply been that wrongheaded in its strategy toward building the schools our children need? Isn't there some other plan for more economically efficient schools? The answer to these questions is simply we need this bond to maintain our home field advantage.

The truth is, the schools that have been built are comparable in costs to our larger neighbors to the east and south. Our elementary and middle schools -- the areas of the most pressing need -- are actually among the larger-sized facilities in all of Johnson County. The place where USD 232 has truly created a home field advantage is in our high schools.

In many districts, their high school names end in east or west. They are an extension of suburban sprawl -- not so in USD 232. Our high schools are among the smallest in the county, but more importantly they are the center of our communities. From football on Friday nights at Mill Valley to homecoming at De Soto High, these are the moments when people come together around the unique, small town experience that is unlike any other. An experience that has drawn so many people here, hoping that their kids can experience it.

As we face another decision, let us remember that our unique school district and its value of community is at stake. By investing in our schools today, we can preserve this unique and wonderful experience we call our home field advantage.

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