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Mail Call: Good schools an attraction

November 2, 2006

I have tried to write this letter several times without emotion, but I continue to find it very difficult. Why? To me it is personal. When I, or any dedicated citizen or parent work on a focus group for the schoolistrict, it takes time away from our families and that is personal. We take ourime over weeks and monthso look over gathered opinions of voters, facts, and projections to come up with a plan to submit to the board.

I understand that a school board must then look over our suggestions and make sure they propose a bond the people will understand and willote for, and I had no problem with that. I supported the board decision to go forward with the bond and take it to the voters. It was, and is, a plan that will bring much needed classrooms to our district.

It saddens me however to see one board member playing politics with my hard work and time. He admits we need the classrooms now but disagrees with the contractors used.

Isn't this something that could and should be hammered out in the boardroom?

I worry that some of his statements are smothered with slander both against the current board and administrators and also past boards and administrations. I, over the last 27 years have had children in the district. I have been more than happy with the education of my children and the responsible way my tax dollars have been managed. When it was time for my adultaughter to settle down and buy a house, she and my son-in-law looked at schools andchool districts. His parents are lifelong educators, and he was well aware of the importance of quality education. They bought a house in western Shawnee because of our schools.

As Ieet people across the district I hear the same story over and over. We have a good idea with neighborhood schools and our test scores prove it. Maybe it costs a little more, but really aren't our children worth it?

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