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Mail Call: Boundary changes better than crowded classrooms

November 2, 2006

The patrons of USD 232 are, unfortunately, confusing two issues. The growth in our district has forced us to face a bond issue, and more heart-wrenching, drawing new boundaries. Rumors are spreading like wildfire about where our children will be sent to school. I'm here to state a few observations:

  • Our schools will be great no matter where our children attend. Our district hires great teachers and great administrators and these wonderful professionals beget great schools, regardless of boundaries.
  • Patrons are mad with the school district for drawing new boundaries. It is not the fault of the district that we are the fastest growing district in Kansas. If our bond issue does not pass, imagine 35 children in a classroom.
  • The district is not making the boundary changes alone, but in partnership with parents from within the district. Two parents from each school, in fact. The school board has not even seen the committee's recommendations, as yet, and it is the school board that will make the final decision.
  • Remember, if the bond issue does not pass it will be our children who suffer. Imagine a school with no art, music, physical education, technology or media center. Imagine a school where the students who need an extra hand won' have that hand to reach out to. Imagine.

I urge you to vote "yes" for the USD 232 bond issue. Don't be mad and do not hold grudges. Let's work together to take care of the children.

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