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May 25, 2006

By Mende Nazer
and Damien Lewis
Nonfiction (2003)

Slavery exists today. "Slave" is the gripping account of Mende Nazer's seven years of slavery in Sudan.
At age 12 the Mujahedin stormed through Mende's village on horseback, burning huts, killing many and capturing Mende and other children to sell into slavery. She was sold to a wealthy Arab family in Khartoum where she began her "dark" years, subjected to physical, sexual and mental abuse.
She slept in a shed and ate the family leftovers like a dog. She stayed alive with the hope of seeing her family again.
This unbelievable story depicts the strength and dignity of the Nuba tribe, and the savage way in which the Nuba and their ancient culture are being destroyed by a secret modern-day slave trade. Mende is now free and living in England. This is the story of her unbreakable spirit and tremendous courage.
This book and many others are available in both Spanish and English as well as book and audio form at the De Soto branch of the Johnson County Library. The book is also available on audio tape.
For more information, call the library at 583-3106.

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