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Kids shouldn’t promote alcohol

May 11, 2006

I was in downtown De Soto on Saturday to watch the Cinco de Mayo Parade. As a teacher at Starside Elementary, I wanted to show support for the Hispanic students at our school.

I was curious about the children on the floats who, it seemed, were being used to advertise alcohol. One elementary student was holding a large inflatable cactus on which was printed the words Bud Light. This child, as well as others on the float, was chanting and shouting the name of this beer.

The next float featured young children in their traditional dance costumes. One of the little girls was holding an inflatable chili pepper with the word Budweiser. These children were chanting the name of this beer.

In my opinion, these actions did not promote a positive image for the parade.

Vergie Opdyke
De Soto

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