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Businesses’ faith in city should be appreciated

June 29, 2006

June has been designated Business Appreciation Month, among other things. Every month -- and many weeks -- is singled out for special recognition for different groups, organizations or causes. Most slip by with little notice other than those responsible for sending out press releases promoting the event.

Still, few communities should be more appreciative of its businesses -- commercial and industrial -- than De Soto. The widely shared lament is the community's rooftop-dependent tax base. That reality produces fewer dollars per mill of taxation, which in turn forces the city and school district to approve higher property tax levies.

The industries and businesses in De Soto provide some relief. The industries found in the community a combination of location, workforce and infrastructure that met their needs.

Although it is true the city and school district often facilitated their recruitment with tax abatements, the industries started contributing to the community's tax base immediately and more noticeably every year.

For small businesses, doing business in De Soto is more adventurous, whether they be longstanding or newcomers.

A great deal of the population commutes to other communities for employment, where shopping opportunities abound. Also, some items and services -- even basic items -- simply aren't available locally, necessitating more out-of-town shopping trips and more temptations to do business elsewhere for those goods and services available locally. These businesses also are subject to the same mill levies as homeowners at a higher taxation rate.

The businesses in the community are aware of all these shortcomings. They also understand the community's potential and that their investment could pay dividends as the community grows.

Their faith in the community deserves appreciation and awareness their success is vital to that of the community.

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