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July 27, 2006

Members of the De Soto United Methodist Church youth group did a lot of painting and other work while on their mission trip to the Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso, Texas. Before they left, several youth also unloaded Judy Spencer's daughter Valerie's boxes at her new home in Shawnee. She moved from Manhattan. Valerie gave them a generous donation for their help so they would have more money for their mission trip.
The American Baptist Women of De Soto Baptist Church served residents Friday at Hillside Village for the July monthly birthday party. The ladies served cake and punch and entertained them. All the birthday people received a gift.
My son Michael, who lives in Oklahoma, called me Sunday to catch me up on their happenings. My nephew Rusty Stanford and his wife, Vicki, (Mike's cousin) from Webb City, Mo., spent the weekend with him. They shopped for furniture at one of Michael's shops and picked out mattresses at the factory in Oklahoma City. They spent time in Mike's swimming pool before they returned home.
Michael and Linda's children and grandchildren joined them for dinner and visiting.
The De Soto A.B. Girls will have camp from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.
Camp fees of $15 each, made payable to Holly Balch or Mary Jo McDaniels, need to be paid by Sunday.
Rita Jenks brought me two big, ripe tomatoes out of her patch. I used peanut butter and the tomatoes on bread for open-faced sandwiches.
Bonner Springs Mayor Clausie Smith will be the guest speaker Aug. 6 at De Soto Baptist Church.
The new De Soto FlexRide started taking passengers to different locations in Shawnee Tuesday and here in De Soto Wednesday. They would like passengers to call a day in advance to schedule a pick up.
I told the committee my doctors and the hospital I've used for more than 50 years are in Olathe and I'd like for them to travel there, too.
There is room on the bus for four wheelchairs in addition to passengers. The time I rode it, I was well cared for in my wheelchair.
The phone number for information is (913) 782-2210.
My great-grandson Hayden has another busy week. He is having swimming lessons from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. then he has football camp from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the school.
He just got a new bicycle. He had a wreck with his old one and it was not repairable.
Rebekah Gulley played a clarinet solo Sunday during the offertory at De Soto Baptist Church. Mary Etta Copeland accompanied her on the piano.
My son Edwin from Plano, Texas, was here over the weekend.
He has been a member of the Gideon Bible promotion for more than 24 years. His friends Ron and Sandy Fairbrother, who also live in Plano, are the ones who appointed Edwin to the board.
Ron and Sandy are both chaplains -- Ron in the Gideon and Sandy in the auxiliary. They attended services at De Soto Baptist Church Sunday where Edwin brought the worship. He gave a message on presenting and telling in detail the story of the Gideon Bible.
Edwin was here to attend the Gideon's 107th International Convention in Kansas City, Mo.
The Rev. Richard Copeland and his wife, Mary Etta, my son and daughter-in-law Jerry and Linda and Edwin and I all sat together for the program. The speaker was the Rev. Benson, a retired Pentagon chaplain. There were 350,000 people in attendance. The Gideons cover 181 countries so there were speakers, singers and guests from many countries.
Because of the overthrow of governments in the countries of Iran, Laos and South Vietnam, the Gideon Bibles are barred from there now.
Forty percent of the offering given at the Baptist church services remain in the De Soto area. They gave New Testaments to all the employees Friday at the Hillside Village nursing center.
Those celebrating birthdays this week include Lalani Taylor, Jean Hoyt, Donna Moll, Doug Bedford, Allison Flinn, Nancy McMillen, Bob Plummer, Jon Copeland, Larry Gulley Sr., Haley Hougham, Graycee Reeves, Larry West and Leon Coker.
My daughter-in-law Jeanne Nalley in Plano, Texas, had a birthday Sunday while my son Edwin (her husband) was here in De Soto. At the dinner table, he dialed her and got the answering machine but all eight of us at the table sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She was involved in their church's special program with their daughter Paige and granddaughter Lisa.
Bob and Gwendy Olivarez celebrated their anniversary this week.
The needed items this week at the community food pantry are jelly. Fruits and paper goods are always needed.
Next week's food item is Spaghetti O's or any of the past foods that have been listed.
Leon Coker had the misfortune of falling and hurting himself Friday. He didn't break any bones but had some skin abrasions. He needs our prayers.
A prayer need for the Woywod family has been requested this week. Sally Allen is still having doctor appointments and Laura Long told me she was going to the doctor on Monday.
Bonnie Logan's niece in St. Joseph, who was in her trailer home last spring when the tornado turned it over, is able to use a walker some now. They are so thankful for the prayers.
My surgery on my left hand will be July 26. I'll have to wear a cast for three weeks. I'm not looking forward to it.
Sympathy goes to the family of Merle Bradley who died this weekend. Funeral services were Monday at De Soto Baptist Church. Burial was in De Soto Cemetery.
The women of De Soto Baptist Church served dinner to the family after the services.

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