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July 20, 2006

Haunted Ground
By Erin Hart
Mystery (2003)

The beauty and mystery of the Irish countryside is threaded through this tale. Farmers cutting turf in a peat bog discover the perfectly preserved severed head of a young woman with long red hair.
An Irish archeologist and American pathologist are called upon to discover if this was a recent death or one from long ago.
They become involved in this case along with a present-day mystery that is just as baffling. They will uncover much more than they planned, and open old wounds in the process.
Traditional music and folklore weaves Ireland's turbulent history into both dilemmas.

  • This book and many others are available in both Spanish and English as well as book and audio form at the De Soto branch of the Johnson County Library. The book is also available on audio tape.
    For more information, call the library at 583-3106.

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