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KDOT approves traffic signal on Lexington, Commerce Drive

January 26, 2006

With another accident at the intersection recorded last week and word that the Kansas Department of Transportation has given its blessing, the De Soto City Council agreed to hire an engineering firm to design a traffic signal for the Lexington Avenue/Commerce Lane intersection.

The $43,000 contract also requires Bucher, Willis & Ratliff to design a traffic signal for 91st Street/Lexington Avenue and provide engineering assistance with the installation of a signal at Commerce Drive.

De Soto city engineer Mike Brungardt said a preliminary design should be completed in two to three months and another month would be needed to produce a final design.

Brungardt said KDOT officials have agreed to permit a traffic signal at the intersection. The department's approval is needed because of the presence of ramps to Kansas Highway 10 at the intersection.

However, those same state officials said state funds wouldn't be available to help with the installation costs, which could be as much as $140,000 per signal.

There was enough money in various city funds to pay for the signals and their installation could be delayed until next year when they could be submitted for possible inclusion in the Johnson County CARS program, Brungardt said.

But with another accident at the Commerce Drive intersection recorded the morning of the meeting, council members said they would like to see the signal at that intersection installed this year. It was agreed to explore benefit districts that included business on Commerce Drive and 91st Street as a way to pay for the lights.

The council also awarded a $20,000 contract to Phelps Engineering Inc. to study improvements of 83rd Street between Kill Creek and Waverly roads.

The study will explore widening the current two lanes and installing turn lanes at Waverly Road, Valley Spring Drive and Ingrid Street, adding a third lane the entire length of the section, and a combination of the two. Curbs and gutters would be a part of the improvements.

Also to be explored is roundabout at the Kill Creek Road/83rd Street intersection and a standard T intersection.

As part of the Arbor Ridge site plan approval, its developer was required to make $650,000 worth of improvements to 83rd Street. The city agreed last summer to try to leverage the money the developer would spend on those upgrades to make additional improvements to 83rd from Kill Creek to Waverly.

If the council acts on the studies findings, the city would form a benefit district financed in part with the money the developer is required to contribute.

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