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Keep De Soto clean

January 19, 2006

Who wants to live in a town that is covered with trash? Nobody wants a trashy town.

Think about people who ride bikes to school; they could easily pop a tire on a broken glass beer bottle. Think about your dogs and cats that don't have shoes. They could easily step on broken glass that someone did not go to the trash can with. You should also think about recycling aluminum cans, plastic, and cardboard.

My sister and I have been picking up litter all over town on walks. We have been finding a bunch of cans and plastic especially along Commerce Drive. I almost thought it grew over on Commerce Drive.

I did not count how many cans we found, but there were at least 100.

I want to encourage people to pick up trash so that we will not have a trashy town.

Be proud of De Soto.

Jessica Gulley, 9

De Soto

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