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DHS juniors planning prom

February 23, 2006

Nelson Reeves got to see Kansas University beat the visiting Missouri Tigers Saturday in Lawrence thanks to the De Soto High School prom committee.

Reeves, Starside Elementary School's spelling bee winner this year, went to the game with his dad with tickets his mother won at the prom silent auction the night before.

"He's so excited to go," his mother, Tami Reeves, said.

The De Soto High School silent auction prom fund-raiser made $1,000 Friday night, and one of the big draws was tickets for KU basketball. Tickets for KU's game against rival Missouri sold for $90, and the March 1 game against Colorado for $255.

Class sponsor Nancy Perry was delighted with the response.

"We've had some serious bidding on these KU tickets," she said. "Some parents were very generous to donate them."

Other items up for auction included shoes, pillows, waffle irons and homemade desserts.

Lauren McElvain had a bidding war for a pie with Glenn Bonar, Wildcat boys coach Jim Bonar's dad.

"I'm going to outbid him; then I'm going to give it to him," McElvain joked. "It's fun. and it's a way to support the community."

Two of McElvain's children are juniors and seniors and could be attending prom this year.

Perry said a prom typically costs about $5,000; so DHS is keeping in line with an account of about $4,500. For the first year, the students have elected their own committee to plan prom night. The students chose "Bella Notte," Italian renaissance-style for their theme.

DHS junior Gabby Mullins serves on the committee.

"It's going to be very elegant this year," she said. "I went to last year's prom and had fun, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. We're totally upping the environment, and it's going to be more classy this year."

Mullins said she was pleased with the formation of an elected committee to get more students involved this year.

"This has been a great opportunity to get involved," she said. "The juniors get elected by their peers, and we get to step up and take responsibility for prom."

Mullins said she hoped this year's prom would be a success.

"You only get to do it maybe twice in your lifetime," she said. "You can't look back and do it over again."

Junior Lauren Burford, who is the head of the committee, said the group had also received funds from school vending machines and selling breakfast burritos during first semester.

"I'm just anxious how the seniors will like it," she said. "I know it's really important to them."

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