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New state senator saying right things to please De Soto

December 7, 2006

Those who hoped for a big change in the 9th Senate District's political representation with the retirement of Kay O'Connor from the Statehouse were probably disappointed when the candidate with her endorsement won the seat last month at a district caucus. Because of the strength of O'Connor's supporters in precinct positions in the district it was a near foregone conclusion the candidate to whom she gave a nod would win.

Whatever residents might think of her persuasion aside, the De Soto community has reason to be happy with the selection of Julie Lynn to serve out the remaining two years of O'Connor's term. In her first interview with this newspaper, she said what needed to be said to the De Soto community.

Sometime in her first term, O'Connor simply stopped coming to De Soto. As might be expected, she wasn't informed on important community legislative concerns.

Lynn vowed, even solicited, local visits. She also promises to give consideration to all, saying dialogue is needed to solve problems.

Both Lynn's presence and promised openness will be welcome in De Soto. We hope organizations and groups soon take her up on the offer to visit the community.

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