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August 17, 2006

Elmer and Reta Jenks returned home after taking a vacation and going to Colorado to attend their granddaughter's wedding. They said it was a beautiful wedding with many relatives and friends attending.
Many prayers are needed for our missionaries who are in the war zones as well as many in our community.
The De Soto United Methodist Church appreciates everyone who helped at the Vacation Bible School this summer. There were 69 children in attendance. More than half of those children don't normally attend the Methodist church. It was a nice outreach to the De Soto community.
Leslie Hodges and Matt Woywod were the worship leaders Sunday at De Soto Baptist Church. They also sang a duet "Christ In Us Be Glorified" with Mary Etta Copeland accompanying them on the piano. The duet was beautiful and they received long applause afterward from the congregation.
The offering taken up after communion will be given to the De Soto Multi-Service Center for school supplies. Next week's Brown Bag collection by the American Baptist Women will also go to the multi-service center for school supplies.
The American Baptist Women will not meet until 7 p.m. Sept. 11 at the De Soto Baptist Church.
Reta Jenks brought me several beautiful ripe tomatoes Sunday evening. I plan to enjoy them with peanut butter.
My trip last week to the Chicago area with my son Jerry and his wife, Linda, of Overland Park, to visit my son Carlin and his wife, Nancy, and their children and grandchildren was a treat.
We spent one day at Karla's. They have a big swimming pool where their seven grandchildren and Carlin's son John had lots of fun. I told them that was something I always wanted here in my backyard.
I was 51 years old when I took beginner's swimming lessons. LaDonna Schmidt and Paige Motzkus were the teachers that year for about 10 ladies.
The next year I did not pass the advance beginner's class because I couldn't swim across the pool and stay under. I did the diving board portion of the test well. My daughter, Debbie, was the instructor.
This year with the new pool I'm too crippled to take lessons, but my great-grandson Hayden had lessons and passed.
While in Illinois, they took me to the Naperville Historic Place. It was authentic, dating back to the 1847s. We went into the old log cabin, which was a one-room building with a fireplace, bed, table and lamps.
We also visited a one-room schoolhouse. They had students in native dress there and bonnets and shoes at the desks. The whole village was great.
The chapel has weddings performed there yet. The old blacksmith and rock carver and post office brought back memories.
Carlin and I both compared the schoolhouse to the Willow Springs schoolhouse that stood here on 95th Street and Waverly Road. Carlin started first grade there in 1943. Gwendolyn Jewett was the teacher.
When the government opened up Sunflower Village School, Gwendolyn left to be the principal there. Pansy Penner, Emily Balance and Hazel Wright came and taught two to three weeks and then transferred to the Sunflower school because the pay was better. The Willow Springs School hired a lady from Gardner. She taught until the middle of February and then went back to Iowa.
Edna Kilmer took over the school for the rest of the eight-month school year and then she continued by going to college after 30 years of not teaching.
Carlin graduated from eighth grade in seven years with Robert Pingleton and Jackie Ellis.
Leon and Myrtle Coker brought me a package of their cherry tomatoes. I enjoy the tomatoes on salads.
My son Michael called me Sunday evening from Oklahoma to check on me after my trip. I told him I was tired.
He said his father-in-law, Bob Rose, is bored at the rest home he's in. Michael said he goes over on the weekends and Linda goes two times most days to see her dad and takes treats to him.
Mike said he had all four of the grandchildren over often to swim in their swimming pool as the temperature has been so high for weeks. I told him it was rainy here.
My son Edwin from Texas called me Sunday night to catch me up on their "doings" and check on me after my trip.
They had taken their granddaughter Lisa to help them work on filling backpacks at their church basement. They also had crafts for children to do. Lisa will have foot surgery soon at the Shriner's hospital in Dallas.
Debbie and Hayden Chandler attended the parent "Champions of Character" program at De Soto High School Sunday evening.
My sister-in-law Beulah (Luther's sister), who lives in Palos Verdes, Calif., called me Sunday afternoon to check on me and to find out how my surgery went. She is unable to walk to her mailbox now without her cane. She hates to use the walker. I told her I used mine all the time and wished I could use a cane.
Those celebrating birthdays this week include former De Soto "Catch a Ride" coordinator Barb Gerhard, Brad Rains, Scott Jones, Mitra Templin, Elaine Price, Ted Jones, Margaret Johnston, Beverly Mills, Anne Calhoone, Lois Grimshaw, Tim Weese, Lana McPherson, Janet Waldo Nalley, Reba Berola, John Riffel, Barbara Bosworth, Geraldine Reed, my grandson Brad Williams, who lives in Manhattan, and my granddaughter Rhoda Nalley, who lives in Edmond, Okla. Drew Haynes will be 7 on Thursday. He is the son of Allison and Chris Haynes.
Those celebrating anniversaries include Tim and Debbie Maniez and Jake and Margaret Zimmerman. The Zimmermans used to be the Luther Rice's Association missionaries.
Thurman and Lois Duncan celebrated their 50th anniversary Aug. 5 with a surprise celebration and dinner at Zimmerman's farm. The dinner was catered.
Two brothers and three sisters from Eldon, Mo., were able to make it as well as Lois' mother, Lois Kay, who turned 90 in July. She lives in Kansas City, Mo.
Their daughter Paula Rhodes and other family members planned the celebration. There were more than 100 in attendance.
Luella Davis is in the hospital in Olathe with some internal problems. Joe Kessler has been having tests at Olathe Medical Center. The diagnosis was cancer, but he's home now and no surgery has been planned yet. Randal Bassett fell in his home last week. His wife, Winnie, called 911. MedAct came and took him to Overland Park Regional Medical Center. No bones were broken, but they discovered he had pneumonia.
ElFreeda Payton is now home from CLC in Bonner Springs and is being cared for by her four daughters who all live close to her. She can't put any weight on her left leg until eight weeks after the hip surgery she had done.
My thumb is mending. I change the dressing every day and clean the splint it's in. I do have pain still, but it's not as severe, or as often, as last week. I have to wear the splint until Sept. 5.
Sympathy goes to the family of John Zvirgzdin in the passing of his grandmother last week.

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