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Back to school

August 17, 2006

Abigail Stutzman and Chelsea Johnson were both a little nervous during their visit.

After all, it's the first week of school for both of them.

Abigail, a first-grade student, and Johnson, Starside Elementary School's new first-grade teacher, began school Wednesday.

"This is a great school," Johnson said. "I'm definitely ready."

This is Johnson's first teaching job after graduating from Graceland University in Iowa.

Johnson and other teachers got a chance to meet some of their students for the first time Tuesday at Starside's PTA-sponsored back-to-school night. Students found their classrooms, organized school supplies and enjoyed ice cream.

Barbara Pflaum said her children couldn't wait for school to start.

"They've been trying on their school clothes for the past three days waiting for tomorrow," she said.

Fifth-grader Misty Newton had some words of advice for young Starside students entering school for the first time.

"One thing not to do is get on your teacher's bad side," she said. "But that's not hard. School can be fun. Just think of it as a giant playground. It's like you're playing school at your house."

Third-grader Cammren Lowe said she was glad about getting to start school again because she missed her gym class.

"That's the best one," she said. "You can learn new games that you've never played before."

Students throughout the district in first through ninth grades began classes Wednesday. High school students in grades 10 through 12 began Thursday. Kindergarten students at both Mize and Starside elementary schools will begin school Monday.

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