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Overall mill levy falls in De Soto

September 1, 2005

All De Soto residents will see a drop in mill levies next year, but how big a dip depends on where in the city the property is.

Of the six jurisdictions with taxing authority in De Soto, all but the school district have formally adopted budgets from the next budget cycle. The mill levies established in those budgets will not be official until the Johnson County Clerk's office sets them in late September or early October. However, final mill levy numbers rarely change much from the estimates in published and adopted budgets.

From the published budgets, it appears the 2006 overall mill levy assessed on property in the part of the city in which the De Soto Fire Department has taxing authority will decline by more than 2.1 mills from that in 2005 and that in the part of the city served by Johnson County Fire District No. 3 will decline by about half that.

A mill equals $1 of taxation for every $1,000 of assessed valuation.

Leading the downward trend in local mill levies was De Soto USD 232. The De Soto board of education approved a budget for publication Monday with a 2005-2006 school year mill levy of 69.174 mills, down from 72.806 from 2004-2005.

The other education piece of the local mill levy, that of Johnson County Community College, also decreased. The college's mill levy for 2005-2006 is 8.96, a .478-mill dip from 2004-2005.

Finally, the mill levy of Johnson County Fire District No. 3, which applies to that part of De Soto east of Lexington Avenue, fell from the 2005 rate of 8.948 mills to 8.383 mills.

News wasn't all good for those in the fire district portion of the city, however, because the city of De Soto's mill levy that applies to that portion of town increased from 14.929 mils to 16.155 mills. The mill levy in the old-town section of De Soto and served by the De Soto Fire Department had a nominal increase from 24.785 to 24.948 mills.

The state of Kansas has long had a 1.5 mill levy for its general fund. That levy was unchanged.

Even with the overall mill levy decline many residents will see an increase in their property tax bills. The reason is an increase in valuation of homes and businesses.

The average home in De Soto increased in appraised valuation 11.1 percent this year according to the Johnson County Appraiser's Office annual report released in March.

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