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Scott apologizes for outburst, sends game tape to state

October 27, 2005

De Soto coach Brad Scott was apologetic and quick to take full responsibility for his actions after being ejected from Friday night's football game at Tonganoxie.

Scott ran on the field following an incomplete fourth down pass where it appeared Wildcat receiver Austin DeGraeve had been tripped.

"I'm completely wrong and completely at fault for going on the field and confronting the officials the way I did," Scott said Monday. "I lost my control and I shouldn't do that. It's part of my job to not do that and to model good behavior and sportsmanship for the kids and I didn't do that."

Scott was cited for multiple personal foul penalties as officials threw at least three markers in response to his actions. Only three seconds remained on the clock and the game was essentially overwith, Tonganoxie regaining possession of the ball in the final seconds.

Scott was escorted by a De Soto staff member off the field and to the team's locker room where he waited for the game to end. Afterward he declined to comment, but said Monday he would willingly stand up and be accountable for everything that happened.

"I've had some talks with (De Soto Principal Dave) Morford about my role in everything and I'm going to write a letter of apology to the officials and to Tonganoxie and the state about my behavior, because I shouldn't have done it," he said.

He said he sees a new chance to act as a leader in his mistakes from Friday.

"What I really want to do is be a good role model to the kids about how to handle a situation where you know you're wrong and you have to own up to it," he said. "Be a man and take the consequences for your actions and I'll be glad to do it."

As for the officiating during the game, Scott stands by his criticism, even if it was not demonstrated in an acceptable manner. Scott and the Wildcats have reviewed the game tape and forwarded a copy to the state head of officials.

"I was very frustrated because I didn't feel like, as hard as we were playing, we were getting a fair shake. Maybe we don't make the play, but you at least give us a chance," Scott said. "We definitely felt like there was a distinct advantage during the game on the calls. If you want to watch the tape, you might come to the same conclusion that I came to. Maybe not. I know the head of officials is going to see the tape and take a look at it.

"My main concern is that it doesn't matter how bad it gets, I should never react the way I reacted. I'm definitely going to have to answer to my bosses for the way I behaved on Friday night."

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