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June 16, 2005

5 years ago
June 2000
Several members of the De Soto VFW participated in activities during Memorial Day in Kansas City. Many of the members guarded the traveling version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. They guarded the wall all weekend while ceremonies and visitors gathered around. Some of the members were also selected to be marshals during the parade.
Participants during the celebration included Walt Paegal, Jeff Lawson, Larie Davis, Gerald Humbert, Ken Wescott, Corranzo Lewis, Terry Cortright, Bert Cortright, Richard Bull, Rocky Hughes, John Herbison and Tom Cortwright.
Friends of the post include Bret Cortright Jr., Steve Campbell, Debbie Campbell, Mike Hughes, Mel Hughes, Nadine Paegal and Gina Lawson.
¢ Cass Farrell, a local artist, was nominated for the International Society of Poets, Poet of the Year 2000 Award. She was awarded at the organization's yearly convention and symposium in Washington, D.C.

21 years ago
June 1984
Lexington Grange met with 11 members and two guests, Wayne and Agnes Stewart from Gardner. The meeting followed a hobo supper of stew and a garden variety of salads and desserts. Jane Huseby made the stew.
¢ Keri Korth and Tom Lindsay, members of the Clear Creek 4-H Club scored well for the club in recent competition. The two were State 4-H finalists for record books, the first in the club's history.
¢ Julie and Lori Flegler spent time in Montana with their grandparents before their parents came out for a visit.
¢ Top student honors in the field of academics were Susan Nicholis and Mike Zemites. The naming of the top students took place at the Junior High Honors and Awards Assembly at De Soto Junior High School.

30 years ago
June 1975
Seventeen little Miss De Soto Girls took their place on a float, which they had ridden that morning in the De Soto Days Parade. Each stood and made a slight curtsy as her name was called.
Renee Lee was chosen as Little Miss De Soto Days.
¢ Mrs. Lester Warsop was the winner of the quilt pieced by Evelyn Townsend and donated to the VFW Auxiliary as a fund-raiser during De Soto Days.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rose sold their home to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vestal. Mr. Vestal was to be superintendent of De Soto Schools next term.

36 years ago
June 1969
De Soto queen candidates for De Soto Days were Stella Collins, Mary Coker, Nancy Davison, Mary Vaughn, Linda Stumpff, Lana Pingleton, Kathy Ashley, Gayla Coker, Anita Lawhead, Karen Brune, Sue Dicken, Debbie Linden, Cindy Hughey and Sherry Hartshorn.
¢ The Bob Bartholomew family took a vacation to Minnesota and Canada to do some fishing.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Orville Cordell were guests of his aunt, Fern Collins.
¢ Effective July 1 Kansans paid two additional cents for gasoline tax. One cent went to construction and repair on state-federal highways and one cent to cities and counties.

43 years ago
June 1962
Officers of the Student Council for the next school year were Barbara Johnson, president; Mac McDaniel, vice president; Pam Hougham, secretary; and Cheryl Elrod, treasurer.
¢ Charles Shughart purchased the Bergman Apartments.
¢ Judy Luther and Virginia Murphy tied for top honors of the senior class of De Soto High School. Eric Neilsen was the salutatorian of the graduating class of 1962.

49 years ago
June 1956
June Davison accepted a nursing position at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
¢ Judy Bedford and Virginia Herbert visited friends in the Missouri Ozark region.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sigman were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lancie Watts in Kansas City, Mo.
¢ Mrs. Robert Ross and children visited her parents in Wichita.
¢ Mary Zaring served a turkey dinner to the following friends: Betty Zaring, Judith Johnson, Rolla Murphy, Maude Luther, Alice Newport, Dorothy Periman and daughter and Anna LeSueur.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. James Shuert and children of Kansas City visited with her mother, Mrs. Fred Stuchbery and Mr. Stuchbery.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Ottis Price and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Don Stevens went on vacation to Florida to visit with relatives.

58 years ago
June 1947
Guests of Mamie Gardner were Mrs. Harry Colescott and son, Bobby and her parents, all of Grand Junction, Colo.
¢ Elsie Randall, who worked for the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., for more than a year, was in training for long distance work. Her sister Martha spent a few days with her in Lawrence.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Lester Gilmore and father, Frank Freeburg of Argentine, visited the Ashlock-Longstreth home.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Howell and daughter, Jean, and Violet of San Francisco, Calif., and Mrs. Mary Moore of Kansas City visited with the James West family.

59 years ago
June 1946
Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Meinke, and son, Melvin, sold their Lawrence residence property and bought the Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Curtis home southwest of town.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zellers, Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Zook, Mrs. L.R. Penner and Mrs. Arthur Golden were Kansas City visitors.
¢ Mae Poe of Kansas City visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Maack.
¢ Mrs. Ray Woods of Indianapolis, Ind., visited with her nephew, Fred Zellers and wife. She was on her way to the Pacific Coast.

76 years ago
June 1929
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Middleton visited with Bert Middleton and family at Sedalia, Mo.
¢ Bud Baker was initiated into the DeMolay order at Olathe with a class of 17 from several towns in eastern Kansas.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hoffine and J.B. Hoffine visited the family of H.W. White.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Baker visited their daughter Minnie Wyland and family of Olathe.

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