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Socializing in sneakers

Running Templins focus on fun not winning

June 9, 2005

Once the finish line finally appears on horizon, Roger and Mitra Templin know exactly how they and their children will respond.

"That's when we go for it," Mitra said. "We push hard and start sprinting out. The kids forget about what they were complaining about and off they go."

Roger and Mitra started the family running tradition in 1993 when a friend and co-worker of Roger's from his law firm introduced them to the sport. The Templins have been hooked ever since.

The children, Sophia, 9, and Rex, 6, were first introduced to the sport as secondary participants via strollers. Then as they became old enough to run on their own they, too, joined in on the fun. Their youth and exuberance almost always won over at the conclusion of a race.

The Templins don't lose much sleep over race strategy or the opposition. They don't much care. They just want to have fun.

"A lot of runners say that running isn't a social event," Roger said. "But that's what we make it -- a social event. We run to have a good time. We don't run to break big-time records. We just want to try to beat our personal records."

It's just a friendly family affair, Mitra said.

"We really do it to have fun. Our competition is to see if we can beat our last time. We run together now because it helps us stay physically fit, it's fun and a good time."

Mitra and the kids are one race up on Roger this year because of their entry in last month's fourth annual Nash 5K run/walk that follows along the Kaw River levee trail.

Roger joined the rest of the clan for the "Trolley Run," which has become a family staple.

"That's the one race we run every year," Roger said. "It's four miles and down hill in April. It's nice and cool."

The Templins have also participated in events at the Country Club Plaza, Arrowhead Stadium and many other locations around the region.

"I have a closet full of T-shirts," Roger quipped.

Roger said he and the rest of the family would probably run in one or two more events this running season -- probably sometime in the fall.

Neither Mitra nor Roger, who was a thrower in high school, ran track in high school. It appears Sophia may be ready to break that trend in the future.

"I'd like that," she said in reference to whether or not she'd want to go out for track. "I think running is fun and good for the body."

Whatever the future holds, Mitra is sold on the merits of a kids' running regimen.

"Do it," she said. "Do it with the kids. It's fun. They get a sense of accomplishment."

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