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Deer hunting not needed

January 13, 2005

I enjoyed reading the Jan. 6 editorial opinion relating to bowhunting within the city limits, which bore a striking similarity to the front-page article of a week before, and have a few thoughts for you to ponder. Pondering is good for the psyche.
The key reasons for supporting this would seem to be the increasing number of accidents where a deer strike was involved and sick deer dying everywhere. An accident on Kansas Highway 10 was specifically mentioned. If one applied the same rationale to the rest (meaning most) of the K-10 accidents, then we would logically weed out those at fault in the accidents and line them up in front of our local archers. Based on what I have seen of most archers without specific range skills, we had better put the drivers pretty close to the firing line.
As far as the sick deer concern, God has been pretty good at thinning the herds as required in the past. I'll admit to a deer strike of my own on 83rd Street a few years back and it was not pleasant. I'll also admit it was not the deer that was inattentive. Now I slow down a little more during the peak times. I am more afraid of the loose arrows and wounded animals on my land than the alternative.
As for those concerned about their garden, the fence around my tomatoes works great. If a gardener really wants away from the natural flora and fauna, most of the local cities could find him a lot with lots of human animals and very few of the other type. Thanks for pondering.
Phil Hileman,
De Soto

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