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Closed eatery getting office makeover

February 24, 2005

As makeovers go, the one the former Kill Creek Pub is getting might be large enough to qualify for one of those quasi-reality shows.

Local developer Don Parr is remodeling the building that formarly housed a restaurant, bar and liquor store into office space.

"It's a full remodel for sure," Parr said. "Structurally, it's in real good shape, but it needed quite a bit of loving. It's getting it.

"You should see quite a bit more happening to it in the next couple of weeks. It'll look brand new when we get done."

Exterior improvements would include brick masonry upgrades to the building's façade, stucco to the eastside and the repaving of the parking lot, Parr said. Inside, the building would be completely renovated into three offices of 600-, 1,200- and 1,800-square-feet, which would have kitchenettes with microwaves and dishwashers included, he said. The work would include corrections to sewer problems that quite literally surfaced in Kill Creek Pub's last days, he said.

The larger two offices had already been leased, Parr said, and he anticipated announcements from the future tenants shortly. He had fielded numerous inquiries about the smallest office, he said. The 1,800-square-foot office should be ready for occupancy May 1 and the others should be finished June 1, he said.

The interest in his building and the relative short time it took Lexington Plaza to fill indicated a demand for new office and retail space in De Soto and along the Lexington Avenue corridor, Parr said.

"By no means is my building new, but it will look new," he said. "It's proof there is a market for desirable new buildings.

"I don't know what the traffic count on Lexington is, but I've noticed when I've been down there that there is a lot of traffic. It's going to have wonderful exposure and be a nice place to work."

Parr said he had received numerous compliments for renovating the building. Among those thankful for the effort was the De Soto City Council, which expressed satisfaction last Thursday that the property was being improved.

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