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Exploring the Past

February 3, 2005

5 years ago
February 2000
Several De Soto High School graduates ranked in the top 10 percent of their class to earn a place on the Kansas State University fall semester honors list.
They were Jill Clisso, Ryan Keller, Breana Glass and Nicholas Meyers, all of De Soto; Dana Johnson, Lenexa; and Emily Cherry, Shawnee.
¢ De Soto High School senior Leslie Manson was crowned the queen of the Spring Hill basketball tournament.
Each of the eight schools in the tournament had a representative chosen to participate in the annual event.
The candidates were interviewed by five adults from the area and scored according to their answers. Depending on the outcome from the interview, a winner was chosen to reign as queen. The panel asked questions about current events, world issues, how DHS prepared students for college, and other general questions regarding school involvement and community service.
De Soto High School had only three or four winners in the past 20 years. The two most recent winners were Emily Dexter in 1996 and Kelly Frazier in 1993.
¢ The De Soto School Board named Debbie Lynn principal for the fall 2000 school year.

16 years ago
February 1989
Lloyd Slocum, local amateur radio operator, was awarded a certificate of meritorious service during a nationwide emergency communications exercise that was conducted by the Navy Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio Service.
The purpose of MARS was to provide emergency communications to the Navy department, federal, state and local governments in the event that an emergency situation should develop in which normal communications would be interrupted or overloaded.
The operators "practiced" almost daily by handling routine messages to and from American personnel around the world with their families in the United States. During a busy time, the operators could possibly handle several thousand messages daily.
At least once a year, a nationwide exercise was called by surprise to further test the readiness of the system.
The January exercise started at about 7 a.m. in Washington, D.C., and within minutes, operators across the entire country were on the air, ready and capable of handling communications by voice and teletype.
Slocum's station was on the air in just a short time and handled communications from the De Soto area.
¢ Mayor Larie Davis appointed Johnnie Cox chairman of De Soto Days.
Dean Weller was in charge of the antique car parade and show. Herb Wood Jr. was in charge of advertising and JoAnn Dinger was in charge of publicity and scheduling.

29 years ago
February 1976
New teachers in De Soto schools at the semester were Deborah Hirsch, instrumental director at the high school; Christopher Armacost, in the English department at the high school; and Mary Ellen Grant, fourth grade at the annex Elementary.
¢ Harold Vestal spoke to the senior citizens at Project Life. He talked on policies and problems, stating the greatest problem being an increase in enrollment.
¢ The Girl Scouts served a smorgasbord dinner to the Lions Club members at their meeting.

36 years ago
February 1969
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Longstreth made a business trip to Kansas City.
¢ Mr. Melvin Meinke and family were dinner guests of their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Meinke.
¢ The United Methodist Church Women's Society met. Meditation was by Mary Plummer. Hostesses were Janette DeBoever and Edith Sigman.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Kenny McMillian, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dibble and Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Bedford, attended the boat show in Kansas City. Among others from De Soto who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cates and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mann.
¢ Bananas were 10 cents a pound at Coker's store. Bacon was 59 cents a pound. Flour was 39 cents for a five-pound bag and apple butter was 23 cents for a 28-ounce jar.

49 years ago
February 1956
The Midway Cafe was closed on account of the illness of Mrs. Clarence Tripkos who suffered from an ailment of the knee.
¢ Dr. Charles and Mrs. Stumpff returned from Hutchinson where they attended a meeting of veterinarians.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Philip Keegan and sons, Larry and Bobby of Gardner, visited in the Lewis Keegan home.
¢ Charles Schmidt enrolled at Kansas University for the second semester.
¢ Glenn Hill and sons purchased the garage business from Virgil Ellis and George Deay Jr. They planned to continue the business at the same location.
¢ John J. Cundy, former teacher in De Soto Elementary, filed on the Republican ticket for the nomination to the office of County Superintendent.
¢ A girl's clarinet quartet composed of Belva Gabriel, Ruth Ann Parker, Loya Lou Coker and Barbara Mortoccia played for Sunday services at the Methodist Church.

59 years ago
February 1946
Ernest Sigman and Henry Golden attended a community sale at Paola.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Lawrence visited with their daughter, Mrs. Vernon Welch, and family.
¢ A.B. Burks was recuperating from a fall, which took place in the Kobler drug store when he fell down some stairs.
¢ Mrs. W.E. Burch, Mrs. W.M. Jennings and Mrs. John Whitelaw visited Kansas City.

76 years ago
February 1929
Fred Watson and E.E. Baker attended the Sonnenberg-Hanson wrestling match at the convention hall in Kansas City.
¢ F.M. Gordon, Ernest Sigman and C.B. Wiard attended a pep meeting and dinner at the Scottish Rite temple in Lawrence.
¢ Mrs. J.E. DeWeese visited her daughter, Maxine, in Baldwin.
¢ A.S. Bracken returned from a visit with his son and family in Chapell, Neb.

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