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Kitten for Christmas

December 22, 2005

You've seen me, darting alertly with speed and grace, across the lane in front of your vehicle lights. I am usually out and about at night for some reason, that's how I am wired -- a night owl.

I've been out tonight roaming from back porches to alley cans, in search of a few tidbits or scraps I might channel for a dinner. Things have been a bit slim tonight because of the cold and snow. Maybe I'll go down to the pizza shop. Those folks seem to throw away a lot of good stuff -- as long as you get to it before it freezes.

As I ambled from yard to yard, I was surprised to see the houses all lit up with colorful lights. Some had big blow-up snowmen, Santas and cute polar bear cubs in their yards. Funny though, in the morning, these "fakes" were laying in heaps. In other yards and in front of a few churches, I could see people gathering around a lively baby in a crib, as animals gathered around. I always wondered who this special child was.

Tonight, I could see into the windows of the homes I passed. Trees that reached to the ceilings were all lit up, too, and dressed out with popcorn and candy canes. The people inside were all happy, eating and singing together. Boy, I sure could use a break in one of those warm back porches, even a chance in the garage.

The pizza shop was about a block away, and I was cold. As I passed an especially pretty home adorned by all the beauty of the season, I spied a small door near the back door of the house. "What the heck," I growl. "It's just a chance, maybe I can sneak in for a breather; who knows there may be some food in there."

"Lloyd, did you hear something out back? I thought I heard something out by the back door. You know how we've had possums and raccoons getting into that new doggie door, you put in for Poochie."

Jean was vigilant of her pet's welfare, as well as the threat of wild animals that might encroach on them from the woods nearby. Lloyd knew he'd better act on his wife's request. It was Christmas Eve.

Lloyd opened the door that led to the garage from the kitchen and turned on the light. Over in the corner, a pair of green eyes peered up at him from the darkness of the corner. A 'meow-meow' was heard -- muffled at best -- but Lloyd knew it could be only one thing. A stray cat had entered his open doggie door.

"Jean! Come here! I think we have a visitor." Lloyd hollered. Jean hurried to the back door. As she gazed upon the thin and haggard little feline in the corner, her heart began to crumble.

"Lloyd, look at that poor kitty. I'll bet it hasn't had a square meal in days. Let's see if it's friendly," Jean said.

She began to coax the little cat out of the corner. It responded in kind, slowly ambling forward to her waiting arms.

"Look Lloyd, it seems tame enough," Jean exclaimed. "Be careful, Jean! You know they could bite or be carrying rabies or some other disease," Lloyd added.

I could not believe my luck. These folks really cared for me, or at least it seemed. AS Jean gently picked me up, she cradled me in her arms. I felt the warmth of her touch and began to purr with an elation and joy.

Looks like the frozen pizza will have to wait tonight. It seems I might be able to stay warm for the evening.

"Jean, I think we have some old cans of food in the pantry left over from old Simon," Lloyd said, showing genuine concern. As Jean opened a can and spooned out the soft food into a shallow dish, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. As she placed the dish on the floor with some warm milk to boot, I indulged like it was my last supper.

"There now, look Lloyd the little dear is just famished. You know, maybe this is a sign from above from old Simon. We've been thinking about a new cat."

Jean kept gabbing on and on, and I could not be happier. I have to be on my best behavior, I thought. I cannot mess up this opportunity. Sure beats what I had on the outside.

Looks like I've got a home for Christmas.

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