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Keep charity in heart this Christmas

December 8, 2005

To the bite of a cruel north wind Saturday evening at the Chamber of Commerce's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, De Soto Mayor Dave Anderson asked those in attendance to remember the less fortunate, including those served in the office of the De Soto Multi-Service Center so near the community tree.

The cold snap that blew in last weekend brought with it more than endless gray skies, blustery winds and light snow. It brought hardship to many in the community. It is a hardship made all the worse because its full affect won't be fully apparent for more than a month when the heating bills that grew as thermostats were turned up last week to take the sudden chill out of the air come due.

Recently, the multi-service center experienced a shortage in its food pantry. Community members responded to replenish the shelves. And in their holiday collection efforts, the students of De Soto schools -- including some who provided Saturday's tree lighting entertainment -- did much to fill the food pantry at the multi-service center. Although it is certain the need wouldn't disappear when much of the food goes out in holiday food baskets, those wanting to help out the center might look at a different contribution.

De Soto Multi-Service Center Coordinator Jodi Hitchcock often appeals for cash donations. They give her more flexibility in dealing with the many problems that come through her door. She can buy tools for a child, and -- perhaps most importantly -- help people with utility bills.

There are local opportunities to share, such as the home-delivered meals program, that have little cost but are completely dependent on volunteers.

The majority of us have so much to be thankful for. Not to diminish the stresses and troubles that keep us awake, most nights we sleep in comfortable beds in a warm home with full stomachs. We are secure and we have family to help us through hard times.

During the Christmas season and the winter months beyond, remember those who must regard those basic comforts as uncertain. De Soto is still a small enough community that donations that improve the life of an individual improves us all.

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