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Wildcats get bigger, stronge, faster

Burton, Grizzles excel in summer conditioning

August 11, 2005

It gets pretty quiet in the De Soto High School weight room when Pat Burton maxes out in a lift. But that's because all eyes are on him.

"It's pretty impressive to the kids to see Pat lifting a bar with five or six plates on each side," De Soto football coach Brad Scott said. "Or when they see that bar bend over his back because of all of that weight.

"They may be thinking, 'I don't think I can do that, but I'd sure like to see if I can get there.'"

Burton has set some pretty high standards in the weight room over the past four years at DHS. It appears it's going to take a special effort and a special athlete to knock him out of the top spot in many cases. Out of a possible 28 lifting records, Burton now holds 23 of them.

Of the five lifting records Burton does not hold, he is in the top five in all but the senior class power clean. In some cases, Burton has bested the second-place lifter by more than 100 pounds.

"He has such great genetics," Scott said. "He's big and strong, and his work ethic is second to none."

Scott keeps lifting records in the bench press, power clean, squat, deadlift, towel bench, front squat and total weight for all four classes. He also records class bests in the 40-meter dash, vertical jump and DOT drill. Separate records are kept for boys and girls.

Burton's latest record-book assault includes senior bests in the squat (545 pounds), deadlift (565 pounds), towel bar (333 pounds), front squat (356 pounds) and total weight (1,634 pounds). The total weight takes into account a lifter's bests in the bench press, power clean, deadlift and squat.

When an athlete gets a maximum in a certain lift, the Wildcat coaches choose a weight they know the student can lift. The lifter then performs the station as many times as possible. A formula is then used to determine the athlete's maximum.

Not to be outdone by Burton are sisters Roxanne and Veronica Grizzle. By the end of their athletic careers in De Soto, the siblings will probably own the record books as well.

Roxanne broke sophomore records in the bench press with 135 pounds, power clean at 134 pounds, squat at 254 pounds, deadlift at 300 pounds, towel bar with 141 pounds, front squat at 194 pounds and total weight at 823 pounds. She also holds the mark in the 40-meter dash at 5.17 seconds and tied classmates Kayla Bader, Jackie Goleman and Sarah Jokisch for the sophomore best performance in the vertical jump at 20 inches.

Veronica, meanwhile, bested three freshman marks in the bench press with 123 pounds, deadlift at 251 pounds and towel bar at 136 pounds. She would have tied the freshman mark of 17 inches in the vertical jump, but her classmate Danielle Price re-established the standard in that event by leaping 19 inches.

"Roxanne and Veronica are athletically gifted," Scott said. "When you couple their genetics with their desire to be good, you have the makings of something special."

Scott said the Grizzles might have had a head start on the rest of their classmates as well.

"Their dad has taken a real interest in working with them," he said. "They didn't have much of a learning curve. They just came in and went right to work."

Freshmen Hanna Lindbloom and Ashley Williams also got in on the record-breaking action. Lindbloom set a standard in the girls freshman bench press at 111 pounds, while Williams has the fastest freshman girls time in the 40 of 5.53.

Bader set sophomore marks in the 40 at 5.61 and DOT at 49. Andre Linzy re-established the sophomore boys marks in the vertical jump at 28 inches and 40 at 4.54.

Angela Topf broke records for the junior class in the girls squat at 275 pounds, deadlift at 267 pounds and total weight at 788 pounds. Goleman tied Nicole Husted's junior class mark in the vertical jump at 22 inches and reset a mark in the DOT (40).

Austin DeGraeve and Tyler Farmer tied for the best boys junior class vertical jump of 29 inches.

Jessica Blankenship and Stephanie Hoover tied Emily Holton's senior mark in the vertical jump at 19 inches. Blankenship now holds the senior record in the power clean at 134 pounds, while Sam Johnson broke the school's girls record in the DOT (49).

Scott said he would make the conditioning results available to all of the Wildcats' coaches so they can see where their athletes stand.

"The best athlete on paper isn't always the best player on the football field," Scott said. "But it's a good starting point. Our goal is to get our best athletes on the field. Hopefully the best athletes in the weight room are the best on the football field."

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