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Who will profit

August 4, 2005

I read in amazement of the majority support by De Soto City Council members for lifting the ban on fireworks. So you want to lift the ban because the ordinance can't be enforced? Why don't you take the speed limit signs down as well? Speeding can't be enforced on every street of De Soto either.
I think Councilwoman Linda Zindler's research on injured children overshadows any monetary concern of an increase in home insurance rates.
Who is going to profit from this ban lifting? Obviously someone is putting money over safety. I'm sure fund-raising organizations could find some other product to sell -- possibly something that doesn't explode.
I remember reading an article in a large Kansas City metropolitan newspaper a month or so ago concerning fire department response rate. What kind of response can the citizens of De Soto be guaranteed with the increased risk of fire?
Mary Ann Grodowitz
De Soto

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