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Masons display kindness

April 21, 2005

Kindness still exists, especially in the De Soto/western Shawnee area. There are a group of gentlemen who voluntarily give of their time, talents and treasures.

Kenneth Simms of De Soto Mason Lodge No. 40 learned of a student wanting a very expensive walker for part of her physical therapy plan. He then, under the approval of Master Clyde Sanders, asked others from the lodge for contributions.

Mill Valley High School sophomore Susie Busby is one of the beneficiaries of the unconditional love these men possess for young people.

Susie has several disabilities, which make every day life a challenge. A collection was taken by the Masons of De Soto Lodge No. 40 to buy the student a specialized walker. These walkers cost thousands of dollars, and most insurance companies do not cover any of the charges.

The walker has enabled Susie a newfound freedom of being able to explore the hallways with the other students, which brings elation. The walker allows her to explore areas outside the school, like walking the track or being able to go on field trips to walk through the Plaza to experience the current displays.

The walker was not the only item given to Susie. She received items that can be used with the disabilities that exist. These items are also costly because they must be purchased through specialty companies. The equipment is adapted so any student with a disability can enable the toy, game or machine on or off with a slight touch of a switch.

I am very amazed by the actions of these gentlemen. I know they will be blessed because they offer things to those who are in need or who are just going through a rough time in their lives.

I want to express my appreciation to these men and let them know the amount of freedom and joy they have brought to many lives.

Patricia Beck


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