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Voters OK Sunday liquor sales measure

April 7, 2005

As she left Starside Elementary School after voting Tuesday, Jennifer Stanley said one issue motivated her this spring.

"The marriage amendment," she said. "I think marriage is between one man and one woman."

The marriage amendment to the Kansas Constitution, which was overwhelmingly approved Tuesday by state voters, was one of two social issues on the local ballot. The second measure allowed the city of De Soto to amend its charter so that it could opt out of a state prohibition against Sunday liquor sales.

Despite sharing what could be called the conservative view on the marriage amendment, Stanley said she supported the change in the city charter.

"I don't see anything wrong with having Sunday sales," she said. "It just keeps our taxes from going to Overland Park."

Dennis Armstrong, who also voted at Starside, agreed.

"It's really a convenience thing if I want to get something on Sunday," he said.

The two Starside voters were with the majority on the issue, which passed with 532 yes votes to 407 no.

But the passage of the measure doesn't mean the city's two liquor stores will be open Sunday. For that to happen, the City Council must pass an ordinance formally opting out of the charter. And there was an indication Tuesday that wasn't a slam dunk.

Tim Maniez, who successfully ran for re-election to the City Council, said he wasn't convinced of the need for the change.

"I'm not overwhelmingly opposed to it; I just don't see the necessity," he said. "If there was a big uprising of support, I guess I would go for it."

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