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Deny Sunflower Quarry permit

October 28, 2004

The Johnson County Commission will soon decide the fate of a conditional-use permit for Hunt Midwest Mining Inc.'s Sunflower Quarry. The quarry has a very personal, negative impact on the land and the lives of many tax payers in northwest Johnson County.
My main concern is its impact on park land. It is total devastation to Kill Creek Streamway Park, as it is devastating to Kill Creek Regional Park. Part of the Commission's responsibility is to maintain and protect Johnson County park land. If the mine continues to operate, there will be no conceivable way to protect Kill Creek Streamway Park or Kill Creek Regional Park.The vote should be to deny the request for a conditional-use permit.
The quarry is on the east side of the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant. When the Sunflower land is in the hands of a developer, the Commission will be responsible for controlling that development through its zoning authority. An operating quarry would only complicate an already very difficult task.
A rock quarry is an environmentally and aesthetically destructive operation that produces so very little in tax revenue. It is in the interest of all Johnson County that the vote be no.
At the Oct. 7 Commission meeting, consultant J. R. Kuipers informed the Commission it could cost $1.67 million to remediate the damage the quarry has caused. The longer mining continues, the greater the cost. Solving this problem requires stopping the mining and then holding quarry responsible for the damage.
The vote to deny the permit should be taken without further delay

Russell Means

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