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Bi-State for culture, education

October 28, 2004

Federal legislation has made the Bi-State question unnecessary. The Chiefs' and Royals' owners and players have received enough federal income tax reduction to pay for all stadium improvements without any penalty to their former high income levels. There is no need for a sales tax to bolster team profits.
Now, the community can redesign a Bi-State that focuses upon the cultural and educational amenities that most folks want. The new effort can break ties with the current management team that, quite frankly, has not measured up. Remember, they promised Union Station would be self-funding.
And we can be sure the tax is imposed fairly. A variable rate can compensate for:
¢ TIF zones that won't contribute to Bi-State
¢ The Commuter tax imposed upon Kansas residents
¢ The much lower sales taxes in Missouri where many items are exempt from this funding mechanism.
Isn't it great that the federal income tax reductions permit the owners to upgrade their business establishments by themselves so that we citizens can take the time to do Bi-State correctly? After all, only girlie men would stiff moms buying food and clothes for their kids when the guys have plenty of money for themselves.

Tom Stroud
Overland Park

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