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May 20, 2004

5 years ago
May 1999
The De Soto Chamber of Commerce put on a congressional breakfast. Rep. Dennis Moore, State Sen. Rich Becker and Rep. John Ballou spoke and answered audience questions during breakfast at the community center.
¢ Three De Soto school district employees retired after many years of service. Donna Miller was a teacher with the district for 31 years. She started at Monticello Elementary, which was part of Woodsonia back when Miller began teaching.
Luella Davis started at De Soto Kindergarten in 1969 as secretary. She moved to Countryside when the building opened and was there for three years. Davis' last year was at Woodsonia Elementary.
Lydia McGrew worked for the district for 21 years at Starside Elementary.
¢ More than 156 seniors received their diplomas at De Soto High's 79th commencement exercises.
Class officers were Andrew Lonard, president; Nicholas Meyer, vice president; Carri Glanville, secretary; and Junelle Beadle, treasurer.
¢ The De Soto High School varsity softball team was the Kaw Valley League champ. The Cats met their goal of going undefeated, ending the season 18-0.
The girls track team was league champ for the first time in its history.
The golf team was league champ. At the regional tournament, the team placed third with a combined score of 312 and advanced to the state tournament. Members of the team were Nick Meyer, Jimmy Nolan, Scott Kramer, Scott Erickson, Brandon Power and Ben Laster.

15 years ago
May 1989
More than 112 seniors received their diplomas at De Soto High's 69th commencement exercises.
Class officers were Eric Beadle, president; Tammy Zarger, vice president; Michelle Paquacz, secretary; and Monica Setter, treasurer.
Co-valedictorians were Ginger Brown and Virginia Scott. Co-salutatorians were Alicia Kingdon and Alan Smith Jr.
¢ Forty members of the Pleasant Hour Club traveled to Missouri by chartered bus to spend the day. The group toured the Amish settlement at Jamestown, Mo.
¢ Hubert Osburn served as a member of the registration committee at the Eastern Star Grand Chapter meeting in Topeka.
¢ Countryside PTA officers for 1989-90 were Linda Rumsey, president; Julianne Patrick, first vice president; Susie Holda, second vice president; Sabrina Casper, third vice president; Elaine Jung, fourth vice president; Carolyn Friday, secretary; and Anita Nolan, treasurer.

28 years ago
May 1976
James Brashears was awarded a Medal of Honor at the Shawnee City Hall for his outstanding efforts in capturing a Shawnee bank robber and recovering the money.
¢ The U.S. Flag given to the Scouts by the VFW was raised at Wilderness Park by Doug Robinson's troop.

36 years ago
May 1968
Members of the class of 1918 were Hazel Freeman Wright, Virginia Cook, Harry Beecroft, Mark Everett and David and Alletha Jewett.
¢ Coy Lea Rose was valedictorian of the De Soto High School graduating class of 1968.
¢ Hazel Wright, Emily Balance and Nellie Dent were dinner guests at the Lou Penner home.

45 years ago
May 1959
Members of the De Soto High School Class of 1959 were Peggy Bradley, George Bryant, Larry Buckley, Mary Chaney, Gary Ellis, Joyce Fisher, Jim Flowers, Judy Funk, Judith Ann Gardner, Ruth Ann Goodrum, Joy Guffey, Reta Guffey, Joyce Henry, Virginia Herbert, Laura Huffman, Virgil Ireland, Dale Israel, Emmet Kurtz, Ronald Lindsey, Gary Lowe, George Lucas, Ronald McDaniel, Carole Mitchell, Paul Morse, Charles Nalley, Raymond Newport, Mary Owens, Stephanie Powell; Jerry Roach, Marjorie Rose, Marvin Rose, Nettie Siscoe, Barrett Spurgeon, Kay Toedman, Milton Topping, Coy Welch, and Judith Wycoff.
Marvin Rose was the valedictorian. Milton Topping was salutatorian.
¢ Students who wrote the Wildcat News for The De Soto News in 1958-59 were Ruth Ann Goodrum, Joyce Fischer, Virginia Herbert, Dale Israel, Ronald Lindsey, Ronald Lucas, Ronald McDaniel, Carl Martinson, Edwin Nalley, Stephanie Powell, Marvin Rose, Barrett Spurgeon and Milton Topping.
¢ The local graduates at Emporia State Teachers' College were George Panos, business management; Ruth Zimmerman, business and home economics; Darrel Zimmerman, industrial arts and biological science; and Gail Moffit, elementary education.
Carlin Nalley graduated from Ottawa University with a degree in biology. Joyce Caldwell received a bachelor's degree in home economics at Kansas State University.
¢ Paul Kochan, professor of sociology at Baker University, was the eighth-grade graduation speaker.
¢ Malcolm Steele retired as county engineer.
¢ Mrs. E. C. Smith of South Village entertained the members of the Rebekah lodge at her home. Coffee and doughnuts were served to Nellie Freeman, Ruth Dicken, Reta Kurtz, Helen Davis, Pauline Davis, Edith Luther, Velma Murphy, Elsie Bruemmer, Juanita Marshall, Edna Mize and Georgia Green.

49 years ago
May 1955
Mrs. Harry Neal and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dowding and son Hugh attended the graduation exercises in Kansas City for their grandson.
¢ Mrs. Floyd Miller and children were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker. Mrs. Miller and children were leaving for Denver to join Mr. Miller.

59 years ago
May 1945
Mr. and Mrs. Bert McClure of Bethel, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Halquist, Mrs. Roy McClure and son, George Alan of Kansas City, were guests at the home of Harold Mize.
¢ Private Allan Gordon from an Illinois camp visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Gordon, and family.
¢ Frank Atkinson took a physical examination preparatory to his enlisting in the Maritime Service.
¢ Chuckie, Dickie and Jim Storer, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Storer, visited their grandparents in Studley.
¢ Lieutenant Charles Linden received his honorable discharge from a Louisiana camp. He and Mrs. Linden were visiting relatives in De Soto.

76 years ago
May 1928
The Farmers Union had a meeting and movie show at Moonlight school.
¢ Mrs. Ginn of Kansas City visited her daughter Mrs. Erle Hunter.
¢ Alvin Delahunt and George Sharon shopped in Kansas City.
¢ Catherine Stockdale and Mattie Stivers visited with their daughter and granddaughter, Mrs. Ralph Oshel and Mr. Oshel.
¢ Mrs. Walter Osborne and her mother, Mrs. Corlis, spent a few days visiting friends and relatives in Salina and Bennington.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Dent and daughter, Oma, were dinner guests of his mother, Mrs. H. A. Dent, in Linwood. They visited the Linwood Cemetery and drove to the T.P. Frederick home and spent the remainder of the day.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Lee and children, Kenneth and Helen, visited with relatives at Vera.

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