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July 22, 2004

5 years ago
July 1999
Junelle Lynne Beadle received a dean's scholarship at Pittsburg State University for the 1999-2000 academic school year.
¢ The annual Shultz and Clarkson family reunion was at Forest Park in Ottawa. More than 66 attended the last reunion of the century.
¢ Verle and Willie Istas celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a party and dinner at a clubhouse in Lawrence.
The children and families of the couple -- Gary and Mary Istas, Richard and Glenda Bull, and Keith and Bonnie Andrews -- provided the dinner and decorations.
More than 150 guests from all across Kansas were present, including the Bergstrom and Istas families.

15 years ago
July 1999
Forty-five members of the Class of 1969 attended their 20-year reunion. Prizes were awarded for various contests at the reunion. Pam Cogner traveled the farthest and Beverly Cadue the shortest distance. Robert Marshall was considered the best twist dancer; Jan Duckworth had the oldest child; and Earl Martz, the youngest.
¢ Guests of Bessie Weese were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rich and Mrs. Fern Rich, Quincy, Ill.; Mildred DeGaule, Cantrill, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Bick Ledbetter, Hutchinson; Mrs. Bill Barker and family, Overbrook; Hugh and Treva Miner, Lake Summit, Mo.; and Ronnie and Galen Weese, Jason and Timmy, De Soto.
¢ The De Soto K-Ball champions of 1989, coached by Dave Abels, were Melissa Fletcher, Abby Swenson, Amanda Abels, Sarah Robinson, Jennifer Fletcher, Valerie Pederson, Jenny Conner, Amber Donahue, Amy Richardson, Corrie Kramer, Breana Glass, Steve Peterson, Dave Glass, Kathy Fletcher, Jamie Rigs and Michele Lawrence.
¢ Outstanding College Students of America announced that Teresa Haulmark was selected as a new member because of outstanding merit and accomplishment as an American College student.

36 years ago
July 1968
The De Soto Recreation Center, Inc. received official notice from the Home Office of the FHA approving a loan for the construction of the swimming pool in De Soto.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Puckett and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jenks, Sr. returned home from Anchorage, AK. They spent four weeks fishing and sightseeing. They traveled 8,000 miles by camper and flew 300 miles north of Anchorage to fish and 900 miles by boat.
¢ Betty Noll and daughter Linda and her family from Salt Lake City, visited Mr. and Mrs. Morris DeBoever. The Nolls were former residents of De Soto.
¢ Mary Tripkos celebrated her birthday with children and grandchildren, brother and sister, Edgar Green and Ethel Turner, both of Bonner Springs.
¢ Esther Cross and daughters Kay Lynn and Cindy attended two days at the World's Fair in San Antonio.
They traveled to six different states and spent one day in Mexico.
¢ A half-gallon of Hy-Klas vanilla ice cream was 59 cents at Cokers. Sliced bacon was 59 cents a pound, and peaches were 29 cents for two pounds with a limit of two.

45 years ago
July 1959
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schiller purchased 17 Aberdeen-Angus cows from Carol Martin, Lawrence.
¢ Nannie Marshall fell as she was going down the steps of the De Soto State Bank. She was taken by ambulance to Olathe Community Hospital where x-rays revealed she had broken bones in her hip.
¢ Eliza Lassiter, Valley Falls, and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lassiter, Topeka, were guests of their sister and aunt, Mrs. J.B. Hymer, and husband.
¢ House guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dicken were Mrs. Dicken's brother, William Gregory, and family of Stoutland, Mo.; Dicken's sister, Juanita Schuster, Kansas City and a nephew, Donald Schuster and family.
¢ The following members of Liberty Rebekah Lodge met at the home of Jean Maness for coffee and doughnuts: Delores Weller, Juanita Marshall, Mary Campbell, Elsie Bruemmer, Anna Mae Cross, Velma Murphy, Martha Toedman, Helen Davis and Judy Smith.

49 years ago
July 1955
Jennie Shelton and Mrs. Robert Burton and children of Detroit, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goodrum.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Floyd M. McDonald and daughter of Riverside, Calif., visited with Mrs. McDonald's mother, Mrs. Charles Stumpff and Mr. Stumpff and her brother, Dr. C.D. Stumpff and family.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Luther Nalley and daughter visited relatives in Joplin, Mo.
¢ Mrs. A.J. Nelson of Gardner visited her sister, Mrs. A.O. Kobler and family.
¢ Edith Soule, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Soule, broke her arm from falling out of a tree.
¢ Mrs. Elmer Midyett returned from a stay in Olathe with the family of her son, Gene West and Mrs. West.
¢ P.F.C. Roy Bowlin was stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Bowlin and other relatives.

59 years ago
July 1945
Mr. and Mrs. James Kilmer, of San Diego, visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Kilmer. This was his first visit back home in nine years.
¢ Elsie Randall recovered from an attack of the mumps.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Harold Allen and children of Kansas City visited Harold's aunt A.T. Broveak. Harold went to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center.
¢ Mrs. Warren Corliss and son of Cheyenne, WY., visited the home of W. Osborne.
¢ Mrs. Russell Brock and son of Kansas City visited the home of M.M. Steele.

76 years ago
July 1928
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hundley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morse and Freddie, Mr. and Mrs. P .W. Kraus and Lloyd and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Blaylock saw "Blue Heaven" at Bonner Springs.
¢ Mrs. Charley Ross was operated on for appendicitis at Trinity Lutheran hospital.
¢ Harvey Couch was taken to a Kansas City hospital for an operation for appendicitis.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Strickland and son Theron traveled to Colorado and other western states.
¢ Paul Polfer driving the Polfer family car and Wilford Poland, in a Ford roadster, had a head-on collision near the Bart Couch place. Both cars were badly wrecked. Paul and Edna Polfer received severe injuries, and the others were badly shaken up.

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