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Vote on liquor sales reasonable decision

December 2, 2004

It seems somewhat contrary in a time when moral values are said to be a primary force in American politics, that Sunday liquor sales initiatives were approved Nov. 2 in Olathe, Shawnee, Gardner and Edgerton -- cities that include some of the more conservative precincts in Kansas.
The results indicate voters disconnect Sunday liquor store sales from other social issues that helped drive the nation's conservative tide. It also makes it more difficult to argue that the practice is widely offensive.
It is appropriate that on a second request for Sunday sales, the De Soto City Council members agreed to put the issue before voters. Had they made a Council decision again to maintain the status quo, another request surely would have come their way with the next round of neighboring towns approving Sunday sales.
Leaving the issue to the will of the people should end the debate for the foreseeable future. And no one can question its fairness.
Supporters and opponents have four months to join in an open debate. We hope all embrace that opportunity rather than complain about a basic exercise of the democratic process.

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