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Pool site needs revisited

April 29, 2004

I agree with Tim Maniez's assessment that we need to reconsider the location of the new De Soto pool.
We now have a great opportunity to set the vision for this city with the location of our new pool. It will be a great asset to our community and something that can help add revenue to the operations of the pool and decrease the tax burden if properly located.
One of the selling points from the pool committee was that it would get people to spend money in De Soto. I disagree that will happen if we hide it behind the Community Center.The thought that the pool will help to revitalize downtown (another selling point for this location) is a stretch, as we have already moved our commerce areas to Lexington from 83rd down to Kansas Highway 10. This will continue to grow.
If the pool is located near K-10 in our Commerce area or off Lexington by the large area of land by Apple Market, many more people will see it, and it will help to show the asset to our community.
The Community Center simply will not have enough room to expand, and we will not be able to add new business, parks and services next to it.

Bob Heck
De Soto

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