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April 29, 2004

5 years ago
April 1999
The Lenexa City Council recognized Justin Cobb for heroism for trying to save a traffic victim. The fatal accident occurred on 83rd Street near De Soto.
¢ The De Soto High School quartet Fourtified Sound performed at the seventh annual heritage dinner at the De Soto Methodist Church. Participants were Bill Bennett, tenor; Nick Leach, lead; Jeff Beruan, bass; and Robin Haberstroh, baritone.
¢ Kenneth and Mary Lou Simmons returned home after a three-week vacation in California. They visited Mary Lou's sister.
¢ Five Oak Country families came together with all the Zimmerman families and shared a potluck dinner at the granary barn. Families present were Jones, McGuire, Dvorak and Thompson with their guest Evelyn Hickman.

36 years ago
April 1968
Students of Donna Bartholomew gave a piano recital at De Soto Memorial Hall. Those participating were Lori and Angela Steinberger, Debbie Johnson, Sue and Sharon Dicken, Sheryl Ross, Terry and Sheila Johnston, Billy Plummer, Evelyn Arnold, Vickie and Marty Langan, Tina and Lana Price, Pamela Watchous and Debbie and Anita Bartholomew.
Special numbers were: clarinet duet by Nancy Frickey and Debbie Bartholomew; clarinet solo by Sherry Hughey accompanied by Janice Nelson; and vocal solos by Sue Sims. Awards presented for the contest were tied for first place, Terry and Shelia Johnston; second place, Watchous; honorable mention for third place, Price; fourth place, Dicken.
¢ Rena Loveall spent a few weeks with her children in Linwood.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schiller, of Oskaloosa, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Dowding.
¢ Junior Girl Scout Troop No. 163 honored the mothers of the scouts with a mother-daughter luncheon at the De Soto Scout House. Guests for the luncheon were sponsor pastor, Rev. Lyman Lauver; Betty Secreast of Olathe, District Chairman for the Santa Fe Trail Council of Girl Scouts; and the following mothers and daughters, Maryann Ross and Sheryl, Beverly Jones and Tammy, Margaret Johnston and Shelia, Charlotte Frost and Jill, Donna Barthlomew and Anita, Gladys Plummer and granddaughter Jo, Betty McElfish and Cheryl, Barbara McDaniels and Marva Jo, Freida Dowell and pupil Angelia Steinberger, Mary Plummer and Patty, Betty Garretson and Cherie, Virginia Coffman, Paula and Barbara, Bonnie Essig and Berniece, Pat Crawford and Linda and Dorothy Jennings and Kimberlea.

40 years ago
April 1959
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tripkos purchased the property known as the John Turner property just off No. 10 highway one mile east of De Soto.
¢ Cast members of the senior play, "Strictly Formal," were Laura Huffman, Marjorie Rose, Nettie Siscoe, Milton Topping, Joyce Fisher, Darrell Israel, Emmett Kurtz, Kay Toedman, Stephanie Powell, Peggy Bradley, Barrett Spurgeon, Carl Martinson, Ruth Ann Goodrum, Joyce Henry, Mary Owens and Marvin Rose.
¢ De Soto High School girls entered in the girls' track meet at Gardner were Betty Hendrickson, Judy Luther, Ann Owens, Ann Linden, Ginger Spurgeon, Sherry Hall, Carolyn Davis, Linda Powell, Shelia Green, Janice Toedman, Denny Kesner, Donna McDaniels and Shirley Thompson.

49 years ago
April 1955
Charles Johnston served with the Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif. He was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnston had a picnic in their back yard with the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dibble, Donnie and Joy; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bergman, Chris, Perry and Andy; Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Steele; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kobler, Buddy; and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Ellis.
¢Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Denmark and children moved to Atlanta, Ga., where Mr. Denmark had work with the Lockheed Co. Joyce Denmark remained with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Bowlin to finish the school year.
¢ Clarence Plummer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mabon Plummer, and Roger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Plummer, served with the Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

59 years ago
April 1945
Mrs. W. L. Blaylock and Evelyn Blaylock and son Jerry, went to Olathe to have Jerry fitted with glasses.
¢ Mrs. J. E. Yarnell, of Kansas City, spent the weekend with De Soto friends and relatives.
¢ The Ted Schmidt family spent a Sunday with friends in Lawrence.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Don Pierce, of Topeka, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Zeigler.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sheldon drove to Eudora and were Sunday dinner guests of their son Harold Sheldon and family.
¢ Ben Heckert was nursing a sore hand caused by running a fish hook in it.
¢ Mondell Browns, a grade school student, was ill with the mumps. He was starying at the home of his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Curtis.

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