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USD 232 Board rejects new medication policy

September 4, 2003

De Soto USD 232 Board of Education wasn't receptive Tuesday to a proposal to alter the existing district policy regarding the administration of medication to students nor happy to learn elementary school handbooks were distributed with the different policy.
"The elementary school student handbook for this year says that a doctor's note must be presented for all medications," Thierer said. "This is saying that even lotion, creams and cough drops must have a doctor's note to be allowed.
"We've fought long and hard to give the parents the ability to know what's best for their kids. We shouldn't make parents rely on the cost of doctors' visits to let their kids have cough drops at school."
Superintendent Sharon Zoellner presented the Board with a proposal to change the medication policy, which elementary school principals proposed. The planned revision would have taken the power of medicinal consent out of the parents' hands and put it back into the hands of physicians. Board members said they worked hard to give parents the right to make decisions on the medicine their children take. The proposed revision to the policy would prevent a student from receiving any medication -- from lotion to aspirin -- without a doctor's written approval. Board members said going back to the old policy was a step in the wrong direction.
"Doctors are charging to write letters, and some might refuse to write a slip for a kid to have a cough drop at school," Jim Plummer said. "Let's just leave it as is."
The discrepancy between Board policy and that presented in a Starside Elementary handbook placed the district in an awkward situation that would be noticed when the Kansas Association of School Boards audits its policies, Zoellner said.
"KASB will probably demand that (the School Board) decide on one policy or the other," she said. "As it is now, I don't know if the district's policy would necessarily override the elementary policy."

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