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Suspicious salary

October 16, 2003

Adminitrative salaries cover a wide range, from Kim Barney, associate principal at Riverview Elementary School, earning a mere $27,795 to $105,000 for Superintendent Sharon Zoellner.
I am very curious, however, why $85,188 of our tax dollars is spent on the salary of Benjamin Crosier, the director of the technology department.
Mark Schmidt, principal of Lexington Trails Middle School, has earned his Ph.D., and yet he is paid less than Mr. Crosier, who has no college degree of any type.
As a mater of fact, Mr. Crosier is paid more than 85 percent of the district's other administrators, including one of the district's high school principals and also the executive director of Educational Services.
If I am not mistaken, there are not a lot of positions of this significance in education (not to mention in the private sector) that are offered to individuals without a college education.
The previous director of technology's salary was in the $50,000 range, and he had his master's degree.
Could our tax dollars be better spent in the classroom than on this exorbitant salary? How can the district justify paying more to Mr. Crosier than to our educators? I am sure there is someone who is equally suited to this position that could be hired for a much more reasonable amount. It would be interesting to know what other districts pay their technology directors.
Lisa Joslin

Editor's Note: Joslin has a Eudora address but lives in USD 232.

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