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October 9, 2003

5 years ago
October 1998
Flash flooding caused the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad bridge that spanned Kill Creek on the north end of De Soto to collapse. Waters washed away some of the east embankment which resulted in the collapse of part of the bridge. Flooding along Kill Creek also affected an area north of the 83rd Street bridge. Portions of the east bank were collapsing into the creek. Some of the roads affected around De Soto included 95th Street and Waverly.
¢ Dustin Keith and Carri Glanville were crowned Homecoming King and Queen at De Soto High School. Other candidates were Elizabeth Penick, Tera Thom, Craig Dickerson and John Rowe.
¢ City of De Soto employees donated five-and-a-half weeks of paid sick leave to Vern Shoop after he had an emergency appendectomy and a colon infection and would be off work for six weeks.

32 years ago
October 1971
Johnson County showed a total of 932 farms. The information was taken from the 1969 Census of Agriculture, which had just been released by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of the Census.
In the last previous Census of Agriculture in 1964, the number of farms represented in the county was 1,041.
¢ A job information center was opened at the De Soto Library to provide up-to-date employment information through a computerized job bank book.
De Soto librarian Evyland Culp was trained in employment procedures and could assist those desiring help and clear specific job openings for an interview with the employer.
¢ Dorothy Jennings took her Girl Scout Troop for a pizza dinner. Those who attended were Donna Rice, Anita Bartholomew, Jo Plummer, Marva McDaniel, Tammy Jones, Angie Steinberger, Lisa McAninch, Sheila Johnston, Barbara Coffman, Sheila Stone, Paula Coffman, Kim Lauffer, Sheryl Ross and Kim Jennings.
¢ Debbie Johnson and Gail Maness were among 12 candy stripers honored at a capping ceremony at Olathe Hospital. Patsy Faircloth was eligible for her cap as well, but was unable to attending. Capping required at least 50 hours. Each of the 12 girls had accumulated 60 hours.

45 years ago
October 1958
To help beautify De Soto, planting of red bud trees was encouraged. Twelve had been planted to date.
¢ Mrs. Harry Neal underwent minor surgery at Reece Hospital in Gardner.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Rex Owens and their daughter Ann furnished the music and singing for the Rebekahs and guests, the officers from District No. 5.
¢ Nellie Dent and Esther Gordon were hostesses to the Athenaeum Club. Mrs. Gordon had an accident with a glass milk bottle earlier in the morning and received a severe cut on her left hand, which required a trip to the Olathe Hospital and 12 stitches. She was unable to return to her club meeting, so Edith Sigman substituted as hostess for her.

55 years ago
October 1948
Francis Scott, the barber at Sunflower Village, purchased a tract of land from Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Penner. Scott and his wife planned to build a modern five-room bungalow.
¢ Mrs. W.H. Cunningham was suffering severely as a result of an accident when she injured an ankle and also cut her hand.
¢ De Soto High School graduates Betty Juzeh, Benton Cole, John Randall, Robert McKee, Harry Webb, Eva Jane Taylor, Gus McAninch, Lyle Chapman and Robert Sigman enrolled for the semester at Kansas University.
¢ The first frost of the season was Oct. 9.

88 years ago
October 1915
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kraus and baby Lloyd, and the Amos Miller family spent one Sunday with M.H. Miller and wife.
¢ Misses Anna, Ellen and Emily Balance spent two days with Mrs. E. Noteman.
¢ Township Annual Report: Total receipts, $8,772.96; total expenditures, $8,284.91; balance on hand, $488.05.

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