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Council adds to band’s trip fund

October 9, 2003

Anita Woywod got more than she expected last Thursday when she approached the De Soto City Council about a fund-raiser for the De Soto High School Wildcat Band.
Woywod told the Council supporters of the band's efforts to raise money for its planned trip to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas were planning a Halloween Haunted House from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Oct. 25 at the Community Center. She asked the Council to waive the rent and the monitoring fee charged to groups using the facility.
The Council agreed to waive the rent but was unwilling to dismiss the monitoring fee because of the possible precedent that might set. Councilman Tim Maniez ensured the Council's position wouldn't cost the band any money raised at the event, however, when he insisted the monitoring fee bill be sent to him.
Woywod left after the vote expressing gratitude for the Council's actions. Had she stayed for the rest of the meeting, she would have had additional reason to thank the Council.
In its final action of the night, the Council unanimously approved Mitra Templin's motion that the city contribute $5,000 to the band's trip fund. The money is to come from the transient guest taxes the city collects at its motels.
Woywod made an appeal for a donation as an aside when asking for the waiver. She said she was delighted with the Council's action.
"I was hoping for $100," she said. "I should have stuck around."
The band has a goal of $25,000 for the trip, Woywod said.
"They're getting there," she said. "We still have a ways to go."
The city will display its green spirit soon in a very visible way. Saying they had a vital decision to make, City Engineer Mike Brungardt said Council members had to decide what color the downtown water tower would be repainted later this month.
The Council opted for white with bright green lettering because darker colors tend to become chalky.

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