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Giving thanks for our helpers, favorite residents

November 26, 2003

Thanksgiving has become something of a lost holiday. The commercialization of Christmas is such that the Thanksgiving weekend is now very much about shopping for the next holiday.
Still, most of us take the time to contemplate and acknowledge that for which we are thankful. The staff at the paper has many for whom we owe thanks. We would start with all who read us to hopefully find enough vital, surprising and entertaining information about the community.
We can only inform to the degree we are informed. Having had experience with officials who treated public information like their private reserve, we appreciate the free flow of information available from local governmental entities.
Elected officials at the city, school district -- and yes, even the county -- answer or return our calls. Staff members patiently explain the details of public policy in spite of our sometimes-lagging comprehension.
Finally, we'd like to take the time to thank a number of individuals who make our job easier and those who in our observation provide to the De Soto community.
They are:
¢ Lana McPherson, Marge Morse and Linda Manson for their last-minute fact-checking service.
¢ Sharon Zoellner, who has pulled off the road to return calls from her cell phone.
¢ Lexington Trails Middle School Principal Mark Schmidt for his ever-present smile and open access to students and classrooms.
¢ Darrel Zimmerman, Dot Stephens, Frances Lawhead, Kathy Ross and Leon and Myrtle Coker for serving as our sources of De Soto history.
¢ Mary Bichelmeyer for proving the young don't have a monopoly on energy.
¢ Jodi Hitchcock, who serves as a living rejoinder to those who disparage public sector employees as complacent and unmotivated.
¢ The Rev. Richard Copeland, whose warmth and sincerity quietly testify to the meaning of grace.
We're sure readers feel some obvious caring and special residents have been overlooked. Remember them before Thanksgiving meal.

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