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Cost of development

November 6, 2003

De Soto is expanding. There is no doubt about that, but too many developers want to build no matter what the costs.
I recently went to a meeting to listen to developers talk about a new subdivision that they are trying to build called Arbor Ridge. This new subdivision is intended to be next to the senior citizen apartments being constructed southeast of the intersection of 83rd and Kill Creek.
The developers propose a future entry to Arbor Ridge next to the curve on Kill Creek. When asked who would be responsible for making the improvements that would prevent someone from getting killed, the developer's spokesman responded' "let the city and county deal with that."
That just really irritates me. The developers don't care about human life. It's all about the money.
I understand that it is their job to develop and build things, but since when did doing your job mean not caring about the people for whom you are doing your job?
When they dismissed responsibility for street improvements, it made me think that they were pompous and self-absorbed. It is annoying that some people are so arrogant that money is all that matters.
Everyone thinks teenagers are destructive and they don't care about what they are doing. Let's really think about that for a moment. What about the adults who are just as bad? Well, this was just my perspective on things as a teenager who's getting a taste of the "real world."
Crystal Sedars
De Soto

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