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Avoidable habits take their toll

Connect with physical therapy

September 12, 2002

How can you help your child prevent postural pain and injury from using the computer? Children, as well as adults, who spend hours in front of a computer may be headed toward future problems unless they are aware of two important issues.

Sitting too long at the computer without changing positions can result in repetitive motion disorders and muscle strain of the upper back and arms.

Incorrect ergonomics, such as not sitting up straight, not keeping eyes level with the screen, not keeping elbows and knees at right angles, and not using the correct sized mouse, can trigger physical ailments.

Also, when sending your children back to school, be sure to have a correct sized backpack for your child's height, and don't overfill it. Too much weight at an incorrect angle, carried daily, can cause posture imbalance and soft tissue pain.

Physical therapists teach prevention of injuries as well as provide treatment for pain, weakness and injury of muscles, joints and nerves throughout the body. Therapists also teach the retraining of muscles to improve walking, self-care skills and mobility for people with osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, strokes, brain injuries and other diseases of the lungs and heart. This includes treatment of children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and syndromes causing delayed development. Your local physical therapists will answer questions as to the specific services they can provide for a specific problem.

October is National Physical Therapy Month. The 2002 slogan is "Connect with Physical Therapy." The American Physical Therapy Association helps individual therapists promote legislation in Kansas and in Washington that will benefit all people in the De Soto area who may need rehabilitation care, especially under Medicare coverage.

For more information or with questions on physical therapy services, call 785-542-3333, or e-mail at

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