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Bisogno offers example of corporate conscious

July 25, 2002

De Soto received a timely reminder last week that not all corporate executives are greedy, irresponsible felons despite all the recent headlines of boardroom malfeasance.

The reminder came from the CEO of the De Soto-based Mr. Goodcents Inc. After months of energetic efforts by the Mr. Goodcents Foundation for Senior Citizen Independence and Johnson County, buses started carrying De Soto residents from their homes to destination of their choice here and in Shawnee.

The GoodRide Program is the vision of Mr. Goodcents president and CEO Joe Bisogno. His foundation provided funding for the operation of the buses provided by Johnson County Transit.

The needs of seniors too often get the short straw in a society obsessed with youth. It is safe to assume charities and foundations that focus on their needs do not carry the cachet of those that provide service to young people whom we are conditioned to protect.

Bisogno has recognized an important service gap that will only increase as our population ages.

De Soto has reason to be grateful that Bisogno chose to launch the program here when surely a larger, showier kickoff could have been staged elsewhere in Johnson County. We appreciate Bisogno's intent to make a difference in the community, and hope our seniors take full advantage of the service.

Bisogno's goodwill toward the community should come as no surprise. Although there is no more vocal supporter of the incentive policies that played such a key role in his decision to locate and expand his business in De Soto, Bisogno properly recognizes those who made it possible. He was gracious enough to thank the citizens of city with a festive open house at the opening of the Mr. Goodcents headquarters last year.

Bisogno has expressed interest in partnering with others on ventures that would address other needs in the community. We hope the community takes him up on the offer.

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